Key Guardian Series


Seelye Brook Farms is proud to present the exciting Key Guardians series by our daughter, Maddy Kleinman. What first started as a school assignment blossomed into a full-fledged trilogy of stories full of adventure and mystery through the encouragement of her teachers, friends, and family.

Maddy and the Key Guardians trilogy were also featured in the local school district quarterly newsletter here which you can view here.

We are proud of Maddy and her writing accomplishments and hope that you enjoy her books as well.

Note: the money earned from the sale of these books goes directly to Maddy to pursue further writing and farm interests.

The Full Trilogy

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Part I: The Silver Key

Princess Renaye has a normal, boring life. Archery lessons, dragon attacks, daring knights to the rescue. These are just part of everyday life. It all changes with a small gift from a banished knight. Follow Renaye as she finds out how much adventure a little key can unlock.

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Part II: The Gold Key

I walked up to the building. “Welcome to The Nameless Ones HQ. How can I help you?” a computerized voice said. I jumped, I did not expect to get a welcome. All of the sudden I was surrounded by men, and they all looked like they might like to hurt me. I was not going down like this. I pulled out my laser gun.¬†When Rylan goes to save his family, he gets more than he bargained for. It’s up to him to save his family, and his world.

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Part III: The Copper Key

It’s a race against time! Twins Phoebe and John are out to beat siblings Samuel and Susanna in the yearly treasure hunt. When they find a treasure, can they be sure it is the treasure they are looking for?

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Did you know this isn’t all that Maddy has written? She lives on a farm and raises chickens and has written a beginners guide for raising chickens as well. Check out this video about Maddy being recognized by the local School district for her writing about chickens and for a link to download the guide.