How Your Food is Raised Matters

At Seelye Brook Farms, we raise animals with their welfare in mind, always leaving plenty of space for them to thrive with nutritional feed and protection from predators and elements. As a result, we don’t require or use antibiotics, vaccines, drugs, or genetically-modified anything.

While factory farms won’t let you see their animals and production methods, we are dedicated to transparency through client certification. Contact us anytime for a farm tour.


The Pastured Poultry Differencee

Move the slider left and right to see the difference between conventional and pasture-raised chickens. Conventionally-raised chickens raised for meat (left) will likely never experience direct sunlight, uncrowded freedom, or any type of foraging. Chickens raised on our farm (right) will be on pasture for the majority of their lives with access to everything they need to live and grow healthily.


Dedicated to Research

From the beginning, Seelye Brook Farms has been involved in on-farm research projects that inform us and fellow farmers how to create the most nutrient-dense meats, raised both humanely and sustainably.