Are you struggling with weeds, bugs, disease, drought, flooding, poor soil, tasteless produce or ALL of the above?!?

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What is Back to Eden?

Chances are you’ve seen the film. But whether you have watched it once or a thousand times, The Back to Eden Handbook will get you up to speed fast on this amazing way to garden.

All your wood chips questions answered

I’ll show you how many wood chips you will need, 8 simple ways to get wood chips for FREE, what to look for when you find some, and what to do if you can’t get any wood chips.

Converting to Back to Eden

There are many ways to get a Back to Eden garden started. I’ll show you the methods used and the materials needed to get thousands of other gardeners up and running and having the best garden they have ever had

How does Back to Eden Work?

The more knowledgeable you are about your soil and plants, the more successful you will be. In The Back to Eden Handbook, I’ll teach you about the basics of how the soil in deep mulch no-till garden works. Easy to understand, no Ph.D. needed.

Fertilizing? Irrigation? Weeding?

Back to Eden will reduce the need for all of these. See how much time and money you can expect to save by mimicking nature and staying observant.

Tried it before with no luck?

Testimonials to encourage you if you have struggled with your garden, or have tried Back to Eden before and things didn’t work out so great. Plus, I’ll tell you the #1 mistake that new BTE gardeners make so you don’t waste your precious time and energy.

Don’t pull another weed until you have learned from the experiences of thousands of Back to Eden Gardeners


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